Will new messages sent to my old account be automatically forwarded to Comcast?

After we have transferred your existing emails to Comcast, we can then forward any new messages that are received at your old address (for most providers).* Messages will be forwarded once every 24 hours, in a batch, from your old address to your new Comcast account. Forwarding will continue for up to 30 days after your initial transfer or until your source account is closed (whichever occurs first). Please note that once your source account is disabled, we will not be able to access or forward any more information.

To take advantage of our automatic forwarding feature, follow these steps:

1.  Enter your account information in Steps 1 and 2.

  2.  In Step 3, "Transfer these services", check the box beside "Forward emails from my old account to my Comcast account."  Please note:  If your account information was not entered in Step 1, only the "Email" button will appear, as not all features are available for all providers.*

   3.  In Step 4, click "Start Transfer Now".

Please note that in order for email forwarding to work, your old account will need to remain open. If the account is closed after you have fully transferred to Comcast, email forwarding will no longer be functional. As such, it is a good idea to  notify all of your contacts of your new email address.

*Please note that email forwarding is currently unavailable for CenturyLink customers.  We are working to support forwarding for CenturyLink and all acquisitions in the near future.

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