What is my migration ID?

You can find your migration ID in the confirmation email you received once your transfer began. Your migration ID can be found in a few places within this confirmation email.

The migration ID is contained in the subject line of the email: ‘Your migration has started - migration ID xxxxxxxxxx” (the x’s will be replaced with your actual, unique migration ID). It can also be found in the opening lines before the bullet points, and in the final line, as shown in bold in the example email below: 

Thank you for using ShuttleCloud! You have started a transfer from email@oldprovider.com to newemail@comcast.net. You can track its progress here: https://comcast.transfermyemail.com/comcast/status/migrationID/
You will receive a notification email when the migration process is complete.
If you have any questions regarding your migration, please include the following migration ID when contacting our support department: xxxxxxxxxx

  • How long will this take? Your transfer may take several hours to complete, depending on the size of your source account.
  • Can I close my browser while my email migrates? You may close the browser or even shut down your computer at this point. The migration happens on our servers, independently of your connection.
  • Can I use my email accounts during the migration? It is perfectly safe to use your new email account while the migration is proceeding, but you shouldn't remove labels and reorganize migrated labels until you receive a confirmation email that the migration is over. You will also see older messages appear in your account as the migration progresses. You may use your old email account while the migration is in process, but label changes and new messages sent or received after starting the migration will not copy to the new account.

If you have any problems, please contact us at  support@transfermyemail.com for assistance (please mention your migration ID:xxxxxxxxxx).
Best regards,
The ShuttleCloud Team

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